Hole #3

Hole #3 503 Yard Par 5 for Men

425 Yard Par 5 for Women and Seniors

The third hole is a slight dogleg right and is the first of the back to back par 5s at LECC. The dogleg will come into play at the 130 yard mark as the hole takes a slight turn to the right towards the green. This hole has out of bounds lining the entire left side of the fairway. The hole becomes very difficult if you miss the tee to the right, as trees create quite a problem for your second shot. The third hole allows you to be very aggressive with your second shot if you hit the fairway. You have the opportunity to be home in two, but a miss long or left of the green will create quite a challenge with the evergreens that surround the backside of the green. This par 5 will give you a variety of challenges as you play the hole.